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You can now manage your child's lunchroom account online.  Click here to register for the School Cafe lunch system.

For more information regarding School Cafe, along with instructions for signing up your child, click here.

The help line for the School Cafe website is 855-729-2328.

There have also been some changes to policies in the Student Handbook for the Cafeteria.  See the new information below:

Coke, Pepsi, and all other carbonated/soft drinks are not permitted for students or visiting family members.  Students who bring their lunch are not allowed to include soft drinks. (pg. 9)



Parents/Visitors (approved) wishing to have lunch with a student should notify the school cafeteria before 9:00 AM by calling 478-8808 or sending a note with the child. (pg. 9)



Please note: OUTSIDE FOOD FROM FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE CAFETERIA FOR LUNCH. Our cafeteria serves a nutritious lunch. Exceptions will be made for birthday celebrations since this is a snack and not a complete lunch. Due to the increasing number of food allergies we ask that you do not bring homemade items. All store bought items must have the ingredients listed. (pg. 10)

Bradley County Charge Policy: Students and staff members are NOT allowed to charge lunches in the cafeteria except in emergencies. In this case, only the school principal or designee may issue a charge slip. A maximum of three (3) cumulative charges will be allowed per person. A record of the charge(s) will be kept on file in the school. NO additional charges will be permitted without the authorization of the school principal. (pg. 10)