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Welcome to the Michigan Avenue Library

 Mission Statement

The Michigan Avenue Elementary School Media Center mission is to create effective users of information and resources, to promote appreciation of literature, and to encourage lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

The Michigan Avenue Media Center is essential to the education of students at all grade levels. Our vision is to implement an instructional program emphasizing information literacy skills that is integrated with the content curriculum at all grade levels. We create a learning atmosphere for staff and students in developing skills in understanding, using, and producing media in various formats. Our media center provides a welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to learning and working for all users.


The media center is open from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. The media center specialist will make every effort to accommodate students’ and teachers’ needs before and after school hours.

Open check out hours and procedures.

·         1:30 p.m.. until 2:30 p.m.

·         Students will need a pass to enter open check out.

·         Please send only two students per class at a time.

·         Students may visit the library on a daily basis with their teacher’s permission.

Student Check-out Policy

We strive to support learning, develop information skills, and promote literature.


*        Students in 1st grade can check out one book at a time after Fall Break.

*       Students is 2nd grade can check out two books.

*        Students in 3rd grade can check out three books.

*       Students in 4th grade can check out four books.

*       Students in 5th grade can check out five books.

*        The circulation time frame is two weeks.

*         Students with overdue materials cannot checkout other materials until the overdue items are returned or brought to the library to be renewed.

·         We do not charge overdue fines. Students will receive overdue notices.

·         Students with lost or damaged materials must pay the replacement cost prior to checking out any other items. There can be no refunds of money paid for lost or damaged books.

·         Books that are accidentally damaged should be brought directly to the library media center staff so that the damage can be assessed and a decision about either payment for the replacement cost or other options can be determined.

·         If a student is renewing a book, do not turn in with the group. Please have the student bring in the book at class time to be renewed and place it on the tray labeled “renew.”

·         Students will use shelf markers when looking for a book in order to keep the books in their correct places on the shelves.